Located in Scotland ยท Islay

Kilchoman is a distillery located on the island of Islay in Scotland. It was established in 2005, making it one of the newer distilleries on the island. Kilchoman is known for its traditional production methods and its commitment to producing single malt whisky from barley grown on its own farm. The distillery is one of the few in Scotland to still practice floor malting, where the barley is spread out on the floor of the malting house and turned by hand. This traditional method allows for greater control over the malting process and contributes to the unique character of Kilchoman whisky.

Kilchoman produces a range of peated and non-peated whiskies, with a focus on small batch releases. The distillery's whiskies are known for their bold and smoky flavors, characteristic of Islay whiskies. Kilchoman also experiments with different cask finishes, including sherry and wine casks, to create unique and complex expressions. The distillery has gained a reputation for its high-quality whiskies and has received numerous awards and accolades in the whisky industry.

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