The Dingle Whiskey Distillery

Located in Ireland ยท Dingle

The Dingle Whiskey Distillery is a distiller located in Ireland. Established in 2012, it is a relatively new player in the whiskey industry. The distillery is situated in the picturesque town of Dingle on the Dingle Peninsula, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The Dingle Whiskey Distillery is known for its commitment to traditional distilling methods and its focus on producing high-quality, handcrafted Irish whiskey.

The distillery takes a unique approach to whiskey production, using locally sourced ingredients and traditional pot stills to create their spirits. They produce a range of whiskey styles, including single malt, single pot still, and blended whiskey. The Dingle Whiskey Distillery is also known for its innovative cask maturation techniques, experimenting with different types of barrels to create unique flavor profiles. With its stunning location and dedication to craftsmanship, the Dingle Whiskey Distillery has quickly gained recognition as one of Ireland's top whiskey producers.

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