Highland Park

Located in Scotland ยท Orkney Islands

Highland Park is a renowned distiller of whisky located in Scotland. Established in 1798, it has a rich history and is known for producing exceptional single malt Scotch whisky. Highland Park is located in the Orkney Islands, which is known for its unique climate and terroir that contribute to the distinct character of their whiskies. The distillery combines traditional methods with modern techniques to create a range of whiskies that showcase the flavors of the region.

Highland Park is known for its balanced and complex whiskies, which are often described as having a harmonious blend of sweet, smoky, and floral notes. They produce a variety of expressions, including their core range of 12, 18, and 25-year-old whiskies, as well as limited edition releases. Highland Park also uses traditional floor malting, which is a rare practice in the whisky industry, adding to the uniqueness of their production process.

With its rich history, unique location, and commitment to quality, Highland Park is a beloved distiller that continues to produce exceptional whiskies.

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